Total Support for Foreigners Entering Japan

Japan is one of the world's largest economies, but breaking into the market can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers. Our company provides comprehensive one-stop support services to help foreigners smoothly start businesses and life in Japan.

■ Business Entry Support Services
・Company incorporation assistance
・Obtaining required business permits/licenses
・Hiring/recruitment support
・Office setup assistance
・Accounting/payroll support
・Temporary staff dispatch

■ Living Support Services
・Visa application assistance
・Housing search support
・Setting up utilities
・Opening bank accounts
・General life counseling

■ Japanese Language & Cultural Training
・Interpretation/translation services
・Japanese language classes
・Business etiquette training
・Cultural experience tours

Our team of experts in various fields provides hands-on support from pre-entry research all the way through post-entry follow-up. First-timers can start businesses and life in Japan with confidence through our seamless services.

With our comprehensive one-stop services, we aim to eliminate concerns and enable foreign clients to achieve their dreams in Japan. We are committed to providing optimal support tailored to each client's needs.

Please feel free to contact us. Our experienced staff will propose the ideal support system for your specific requirements when entering the Japanese market.